“A Year in Gorongosa”

“A Year in Gorongosa”
A new film featuring the wildlife of Gorongosa

This visually stunning film features many of Gorongosa’s most iconic animals – lions, elephants, painted wolves – as well as many lesser-known species such as pangolins, termites, ants, mantis, dung beetles, frogs and, of course, some of the most famous birds in Gorongosa.

The film is narrated by a local woman named Gabriela Curtiz. “Gaby” is from Vila Gorongosa and is the Park’s first female guide. In the film, she tells stories about wildlife as well as cultural perspectives on animals and nature.

The film was made over two years and a key member of the film crew was Mozambican cinematographer Augusto Bila, from Maputo. “Ago” joined Gorongosa’s communication team as an intern three years ago and has become a talented filmmaker.

The purpose of the film is to show the wildlife and beauty of the Gorongosa National Park to Mozambican viewers. This country is blessed with some of the most beautiful and biodiverse protected areas in the world and we need to appreciate and preserve them for future generations.

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